Art exhibitionThe inaugural ARTEXPRESS Virtual exhibition is now live! 50 exemplary works from the 2019 HSC Visual Arts practical examination, across the twelve expressive forms, have been captured using 3D imagery. Visitors to the website can explore the curated Bodies of Work in incredible detail, including virtual reality if you have a VR headset or viewer.


ARTEXPRESS 2021 Exhibition Dates 


Art Gallery of New South Wales                                                   4 February - 4 April

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre                                  13 February - 5 April

Maitland Regional Art Gallery                                                      27 February - 30 May

The Armory, Sydney Olympic Park                                               2 March - 25 April

New England Regional Art Museum                                              9 April - 6 June

Cowra Regional Art Gallery                                                          19 June - 1 August

Margaret Whitlam Galleries at Western Sydney University          7 July - 18 September  

Tamworth Regional Gallery                                                          31 July- 3 October

Grafton Regional Gallery                                                             6 August - 3 October

Virtual Exhibition                                                                        April 2021



View a gallery of artworks in ARTEXPRESS


Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement with Visual Art online resources, professional development eModules, virtual excursions and live streams.  Delivered by experts and accompanied by resources drawn from within the Arts Unit and industry partners. Visual Arts Digital Engagement


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