Art exhibition

Student Videos

A selection of videos of students whose bodies of work have been selected for ARTEXPRESS


ARTEXPRESS 2020 Exhibition Dates 


Art Gallery of New South Wales                                                   6 February - 26 April

Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre                                  8 February - 13 April

The Armory, Sydney Olympic Park                                              3 March - 26 April

Griffith Regional Art Gallery                                                       3 April - 10 May

Margaret Whitlam Galleries at Western Sydney University         3 July - 18 September     

 Goulburn Regional Art Gallery                                                  21 August - 26 September





View a gallery of artworks in ARTEXPRESS


Digital Engagement

Digital Engagement with Visual Art online resources, professional development eModules, virtual excursions and live streams.  Delivered by experts and accompanied by resources drawn from within the Arts Unit and industry partners. Visual Arts Digital Engagement


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