Digital Engagement

The Arts Unit provides quality online accessible resources to support arts education and professional development opportunities for teachers throughout NSW. Content is delivered by experts and accompanied by useful classroom resources. It ranges from NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) registered and non-registered courses, to virtual excursions, streamed events and extensive digital libraries. This ensures learning supports teacher accreditation requirements and is relevant, memorable and meaningful for everyone.

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Registered eLearning for the Arts on MyPL

Virtual Excursions

A variety of excursions are available for students to view live through DART connections. (

Streamed Events

Often The Arts Unit will live stream significant events and performances. Monitor The Arts Unit Facebook ( and YouTube channels ( for upcoming events.

Teacher professional Learning

Resources are currently available via The Learning Hub ( and are available in a range of formats including:

eClasses: for teachers to learn and extend their skills

eClips: interview with experts, useful tips and exemplars of best practice

eModules: for teachers to analyse and reflect on teaching approaches

There are also currently 16 NESA registered eModules available through MyPL including:

Creating and Analysing Dance in Film

  • RG02991
  • RG02993
  • RG02994

Approaches to monologue

  • RG01808
  • RG01810
  • RG01916
  • RG02328
  • RG02329

Improvisation and Playbuilding

  • RG02249
  • RG02251

Teaching music in your primary classroom

  • RG01675
  • RG02252

Safe use of tools with Carl Noonan

  • RG02344
  • RG02345
  • RG02347

What is a curator?

  • RG01667