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The Arts Unit

Engagement in the arts has a positive impact on academic achievement and student wellbeing through experiences of connectedness, curiosity, expression and independent learning. Students are encouraged to extend their creative potential while developing skills in critical thinking, collaboration and appreciation.

The Arts Unit offers an innovative and holistic vision for the arts in NSW public schools, with diverse opportunities available in dance, drama, music, visual arts, debating, public speaking, reading, spelling, and special events.

As a leader in arts education, The Arts Unit promotes student achievement, equity and expression in a variety of settings. We aim to provide inspiring arts opportunities for every student in NSW, reducing the impact of disadvantage and enriching school communities.

The Arts Unit’s programs encourage shared learning experiences with industry partners, promoting networks and career pathways. We provide targeted professional learning that enhances teachers’ delivery of high-quality arts education to help foster student engagement and improve student achievement and attainment.

Currently, The Arts Unit directly delivers programs and events to 64,000 students and 8,600 teachers each year, with 593,000 additional students benefiting from our teaching and learning resources.

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How do I get involved?

Student voice

The Arts Unit has a Student Voices in the Arts Council that works to advocate for and articulate the value of the arts for themselves and others.
Students in Years 5 to 11 are invited each year to become a member of this council.
Expressions of interest are open now for 2021.

Arts partners

The Arts Unit acknowledges partners that together deliver a range of initiatives to support quality arts education.

Behaviour Code For Students

All students participating in The Arts Unit activities are expected to abide by the Behaviour Code For Students.

Privacy Policy

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