Years 5&6 Debating Challenge

Latest competition news

The round robin debates are done and it's time for a statewide sudden-death finals series! Congratulations to all the teams who've made it this far - get yourselves ready for a hectic term 4!

We'll email every school with details of their first finals match-up and the contact information for their opponents. Schools then need to organise a time and date that suits them both before the stated deadline and click here to book an adjudicator just as you have been for the other debates. We'll contact the office at both schools and send them topics for the debate which they'll print and seal in an envelope ready for the teacher in charge to collect and open when you're both on screen and ready to start preparation. The topics from here on out are general, meaning they can be on just about anything, though it's likely they'll fit into one of the past topic areas so it's worth reviewing any conversations you had about education, responsibility and heath & fitness.

Both teams must provide a chairperson and timekeeper, and use the chairperson form we included with the initial competition information (you can download a copy here). Once the debate is over both teams should scan and email that form to us so that we can record the result and email the winner back with news of their next opponent, and so on until we have a state champion!

Call or email any time if you have a question or are having problems organising a debate (there'll be five rounds of debating just to determine the quarter-finalists so we can't allow anyone to run late). We're (02) 8512 1172, or email Best of luck for the race to the state championship!

Finally, we'll be posting out certificates of participation as well as congratulations certificates to the zone winners as soon as we can. However, if you have a presentation coming up soon, or students you want to recognise who didn't make the official team, you can click here to print a certificate of achievement for this 2020 competition.

Years 5&6 information

The Years 5&6 competition started out in 1995 as a challenge issued by the primary school debating champion from the Hunter Region to other regional winners, which is why the trophy awarded to the state champion is called the Hunter Challenge Trophy. It's quickly grown since then to become by far the largest age division in the Premier's Debating Challenge, with over 870 teams entering in 2018. At every level of the challenge the debates involve 1-hour unassisted preparation, which means that the four team members only find out the topic 1 hour before the debate, and are then given an hour without any help from a teacher or anyone else to prepare their case. After four such round-robin debates and a series of knock-out finals, the remaining ten regional champions meet at a three-day camp for a series of debates to determine the state champion.

You can see a list of past winners of the competition by clicking here, and you can watch the 2019 final above by either clicking play, or if you prefer you can click here and you'll be taken to Vimeo to watch the debate. There you'll have more options like being able to download the video or jump between speakers by clicking on their times. Congratulations again to these debaters and everyone who made the competition such a success.