How To Be Involved

All 2018 Schools Spectacular applications are now closed

Any school student or teacher from a NSW public school is eligible to be involved. You must apply online in a chosen category to participate in the Schools Spectacular.

Nomination Guidelines Schools Spectacular 2014

Before applying for the Schools Spectacular, please read carefully through this year's nomination guidelines. The guidelines contain information on key dates, audition requirements, available ensembles and roles, and other important details. 

Applications - All other applications for 2018 are now closed, congratulations to successful students and schools. Keep an eye out for next year's applications opening Term 1 2019. 

It is important to read the nomination guidelines thoroughly before applying

Applications for the Schools Spectacular can be submitted in two ways – by individual students or by teachers representing school groups:

Individual Students
(application may be submitted by a student, parent or teacher)
School Groups
(application must submitted by a Teacher)
Featured Artists & Backing Vocalists
Featured Dance Ensembles (including B-Boys)
Core Choir
Orchestra and Stage Band
Combined Dance
Combined Choir
Combined Drama
Aboriginal Dance Ensemble
D’Arts Dance Ensemble
Featured Ensembles ( including
Festival Entertainment - solo or groups)
VET Entertainment