The Arts Unit offers 2 weekly orchestral ensembles:

  • NSW Public Schools Symphony Orchestra  advanced ensemble
  • NSW Public Schools String Sinfonia  intermediate ensemble

These orchestras are well known to audiences at Sydney's finest venues where they perform regularly as part of the Festival of Instrumental Music and Festival of Choral Music. Both have multiple performance opportunities at Sydney's finest venues throughout the year and have toured nationally and internationally.

Learn more about our ensembles in this interactive presentation.

Rehearsal details 

Symphony Orchestra and String Sinfonia rehearse Thursday afternoons, 5 pm to 7 pm at The Arts Unit, Lewisham

Annual cost

$420 per student


Steve Williams, Student Music Programs Officer (5-12)  steve.williams14@det.nsw.edu.au or 02 8512 1186 
Lindsay Pringle, Music Support Officer (5-12)  lindsay.pringle2@det.nsw.edu.au or 02 8512 1188 


Please note that the operation of this program is contingent on advice provided by the NSW Department of Education in consultation with NSW Health. All activities will adhere to the DoE COVID-19 guidelines.

New South Wales Public Schools Symphony Orchestra performing Saint-Saens: Symphony No. 3. Mvt 4. May, 2018. Director: Steve Williams.

Saint -Saens: Symphony No. 3. Mvt 4 - In Concert 2018