Boys Vocal Program

About the program

The Boys Vocal Program is a non-audition vocal program open to boys in NSW public schools from Years 5 to 12 who love to sing and want to experience what happens in a recording studio. Over three days, students will learn a repertoire in 3 part harmony and also participate in the making of a music video to accompany the final recording. 
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Watch the below video to find out more about this incredible program! You can also scroll down further to view the Boys Vocal music videos from 2015-2019.

Boys Vocal Program - Promo

Further information

For more information about this program please contact the Arts Initiatives team via email or phone (02) 8512 1190. Alternatively, you can register online to receive email updates about the Boys Vocal program.

Boys Vocal Program music videos from 2015-2019

View the music videos created at the culmination of each program from 2015-2019.

2019 Boys Vocal Program - Sydney workshop music video 'Memories and Dust'

2019 Boys Vocal Program - Young regional workshop music video 'Memories and Dust'

2016 Boys Vocal Program - Sydney workshop music video 'Weather With You'

2016 Boys Vocal Program - Riverina regional workshop music video 'Weather With You'

2015 Boys Vocal Program music video 'Viva La Vida'

2017 Boys Vocal Program

2017 Boys Vocal Program music video 'Throw Your Arms Around Me'