Debating and Public Speaking Resources

We’ll be adding links to all sorts of resources here as the year goes on, but note that you can already watch videos of recent state finals by heading to the relevant competition page on our website. You can also click here to see the entire collection of public speaking finals or you can click here to see the complete set of debating finals to date.

Art Bites Videos

We've now got a heap of short videos available that are full of advice for debaters of all abilities. "Debate Club" videos are straightforward workshops on different skills and aspects of debating, and while they're grouped for either primary or secondary debating most of the 18 videos will be useful to any age group. "Defining Moment" videos are again grouped for primary or secondary debaters, with each of the 18 videos working through the set-up for a popular 2019 debating topic. Finally, the "Stop Rebutting Yourself!" series features our most experienced adjudicators looking back at a speech from the days at school and talking about how it might have improved before rebutting themselves. All three series are available by clicking here and filtering for "Debating and public speaking."

Taking The Initiative

Useful information about the conduct and adjudication of debating and public speaking activities for teachers and students. 

“Taking The Initiative: A Guide to Debating and Public Speaking” is now available to download here.

Microsoft Word version

Public Speaking is for Everyone

“About Public Speaking” is now available to download here.

Microsoft Word version

Professional Learning eResources

Professional learning resources for teachers can be found on our Learning Hub. Just visit