Contemporary Dance Workshops

Please Note:
Activity for this program is temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future to support efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the safety and well being of students and staff
Link to Department of Education latest information on COVID-19.

The program aims to develop students’ technical and artistic talents in dance and provide opportunities to develop a high level of skills in this art form. At these workshops students study a variety of dance styles, guided by professional tutors and specialist dance teachers. Suitable for students in Years 2-12 attending a NSW public school.

Student Dance Workshops
• Years 2-4 Primary Dance Workshops |Dates TBC
• Years 5-6 Junior Dance Workshops | Dates TBC
• Years 7-8 Senior Dance Workshops | Dates TBC
• Years 9-10 Senior Dance Workshops | Dates TBC
• Years 11-12 HSC Dance Masterclass | Dates TBC
• "Boys Only" Y5-6 & Y7-12 Workshops | Dates TBC

State Dance Festival Workshops
• State Dance Festival Workshops Years K-12 | Dates TBC

Boys from the State Dance Ensembles participated in workshops with the BalletBoyz