2019 State Dance Festival - Choreographic Professional Development

Welcome to the Choreographic Professional Development applications page for the 2019 State Dance Festival.


This year as part of the NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival "Saying it Without Words" we are excited to be offering a Teacher Choreographic Professional Development opportunity for primary and secondary teachers the first time.Teacher Choreographic PD

The focus of the Teacher Identified Professional Learning will be on developing teachers as choreographic role models for students. We hope that, no matter what your current level of choreographic ability is, you will be able to take back to school an increased confidence in the use of choreographic skills, some new approaches to movement and a greater understanding of the choreographic process.

Participants will develop an understanding of:
• The K-6 Creative Arts Syllabus and 7-12 Dance Syllabus in relation to choreography.
• The elements of composition.
• The processes and methods involved in the construction of a dance work.
• Skills involved in composition and choreography.
• A sense of integrity in the development of dance items for public performance.
• An understanding of the effects of lighting, sound, costuming and use of props in dance performance.
• An understanding of dance as an art form.

Participants will be able to:
• Understand the choreographic process.
• Experience a variety of approaches to dance composition.
• Manipulate the elements of composition.
• Explore a range of dance ideas and accompaniments.
• Demonstrate a creative response to choreography.

$120 or $100 for Rural & Remote Teachers (all prices include GST)

Date & Time:
Friday 13 September 2019; 8.30-5.30pm (light lunch will be provided)

Seymour Centre, Chippendale

How to Apply:
• Please complete the webform below - Applications close Monday 2 September 2019.
• Teachers will be notified via email with further information after this date.
• Please note that applications may exceed places available.

Additional Information:
• The Teacher Identified Professional Development will comprise of a practical component, viewing dance works in the theatre, the application of production elements to enhance dance works and discussions about dance choreography with industry professionals and dance education experts.
• Participants who attend this teacher identified professional learning will be given priority to be accepted into the Dance Choreographic Professional Development and Mentor Program that will build on this experience in Term 4, 2019 and Term 1, 2020. This mentor program will be comprised of the following streams: Primary Teachers (Beginners), Primary Teachers (Advanced), Secondary Teachers (Beginners) and Secondary Teachers (Advanced).
• This professional learning program will be held over 3 days. All teachers participating will need to attend all scheduled days as the learning will be progressive and involves creative tasks to be developed with your Dance students at your school between each session to assist in the development of dance works.
• Proposed dates for the follow up Choreographic Professional Development and Mentor Program:
     > Primary Teachers (Beginners & Advanced)
          - Monday 24 February 2020
          - Monday 23 March 2020
     > Secondary Teachers (Beginners & Advanced)
          - Tuesday 25 February 2020
          - Tuesday 24 March 2020

Please Note:
This program will have additional costs associated. Attendance at all 3 days is essential. We are currently working towards these courses being accredited.

Further enquiries should be emailed to Allie Gunton or phone (02) 8512 1178.


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