SpecEd eResources

SpecEd eResources


SpecEd 2019 is an online, comprehensive, classroom resource drawn from this year’s Schools Spectacular theme, STARS! Written by teachers for teachers, in consultation with The Arts Unit, this fantastic, cross-curricular resource comprises five units of work encompassing a wide range of stages of learning and KLAs. In a crowded curriculum, this resource is simply a must! It has been structured to ensure it is easy to use, easy to apply and, most importantly, delivers those essential outcomes as suited to your students’ stage/s of learning and abilities.

Every student is a star and collectively we shine! So, bring some SpecEd ‘celestial sparkle’ into your classroom, ensuring you and your students truly experience this year’s Schools Spectacular theme, STARS.

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SpecEd 2019

SpecEd 2019 – Introduction to eResource