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SpecEd eResources

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SpecEd 2019 is an online, comprehensive, classroom resource drawn from this year’s Schools Spectacular theme, STARS! Written by teachers for teachers, in consultation with The Arts Unit, this fantastic, cross-curricular resource comprises five units of work encompassing a wide range of stages of learning and KLAs. In a crowded curriculum, this resource is simply a must! It has been structured to ensure it is easy to use, easy to apply and, most importantly, delivers those essential outcomes as suited to your students’ stage/s of learning and abilities.

Every student is a star and collectively we shine! So, bring some SpecEd ‘celestial sparkle’ into your classroom, ensuring you and your students truly experience this year’s Schools Spectacular theme, STARS.

Let's hear from our creative director and take a look at the 2020 Schools Spectacular virtual Year 12 item!


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Art Bites invite students to join a choir rehearsal, dance ensemble, music practice, art club or a debating team meeting.

These short video lessons in a range of areas offer students a chance to engage in co-curricular activities.

Creative Classes uses our extensive collection of video assets that have been adapted into mini websites for teachers to share with their students. Each website offers high quality stimulus content and provides engaging, independent activities that have been linked to syllabus outcomes in creative arts subjects.

Creative Classes can be shared by copying the URL (web address) from the browser and can also be adapted by teachers to include other content for students to share their learning.

Creative Teachers resources provide online, practical professional learning incorporating video, text, support documents and links to help you deliver high-quality arts experiences for students. Learn from scratch or improve your skills in the artistic, technical and practical aspects of running ensembles, staging and capturing performances and help students to participate in the arts. These resources are like having an experienced mentor teacher available whenever you need one!

SpecEd 2019 – Introduction to eResource

Schools Spectacular 2020 Remixed - Year 12 virtual item