Years 9&10 Debating Challenge

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To make finding an adjudicator for your online debate a little easier, we're introducing this simple form you can fill out to let us know when you need someone to judge your debates. Once you've completed it we'll get back to you that night to confirm it's in our calendar and get to work finding you an online adjudicator - too easy!

As to the draw, we've emailed all the teams involved in this year's competition with the news of their first opponent. If you haven't got that email call the Speaking Competitions Officer on (02) 8512 1172 and we'll find out what's gone wrong. Just a reminder that we've had to make a few changes for this year, so the Years 9&10 division will run as a modified knock-out competition open to all government secondary and central schools across NSW. It's really important that you read the revised competition information before entering and you can download that information as a simple one-pager by clicking here.

Years 9&10 Information

The Year 9&10 Debating Challenge, organised by The Arts Unit of the NSW Department of Education, dates back to 1950 when the Teasdale brothers donated a trophy for a debating competition between North Sydney Region Boys Schools. By 1979 the Teasdale Cup had expanded to include schools from Picton in the south to Wyong in the north. In 1982 it became a state-wide competition.

You can see a list of past winners of the competition by clicking here, and you can watch the 2019 final by either clicking play, or if you prefer you can click here and you'll be taken to Vimeo to watch the debate. There you'll have more options like being able to download the video or jump between speakers by clicking on their times. Congratulations again to these debaters and everyone who made the competition such a success.

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