Schools Spectacular

Every year The Arts Unit runs the Schools Spectacular, this year will be the biggest yet with over 5,000 of the most talented singers, dancers, musicians and actors from NSW public schools. 

How To Be InvolvedSchools Spectacular 2015

Information about the Schools Spectacular applications can be found here. The Schools Spectacular is open to any student or teacher from a NSW public school wishing to be part of one of the most exciting cultural events of the year.

About The Show

Schools Spectacular

Beginning in 1984, the show has grown to be one of the biggest annual cultural events in NSW. It is broadcast nationally every year, and each year a new theme is chosen, designed to draw together performers of many cultural backgrounds from all around the state in the Schools Spectacular.

Schools Spectacular Website 

Schools Spectacular 2013 - 30 Spectacular Years

For further information on the show, including venue information, buying tickets, the cast and crewor to sign up to the Schools Spectacular newsletter, you can visit the Schools Spectacular website.