Requesting a work from The Wilkins Collection

The Wilkins Collection is currently being audited. Please note new loans will not be able to be processed until after July 2015.

How to request an artwork from the Wilkins Collection.

  1. View works in the collection at the Wilkins Collection website. Works can be browsed by expressive form or under the entire collection.
  2. Follow the prompts on loaning a work here.
  3. Ensure your office has appropriate hanging facilities

The preferred method of hanging artworks from The Wilkins Collection is tracking and cables. Tracking allows greater flexibility in the type and number of artworks that can be supplied. If you do not have this facility we suggest you arrange for tracking to be installed.

How to return a work to the Wilkins Collection

1. Submit the Online Return form

2. Please note it may take several weeks to fulfil your request