The Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition

Years 3 to 6

This competition encourages students to explore ideas of multiculturalism in Australia, as well as giving them a purpose to practice their public speaking skills and improve their confidence.

Open to all NSW government primary schools. The competition has 2 different age divisions:

  • Years 3 and 4
  • Years 5 and 6.

2022 applications

Applications open Friday 28 January 2022 (Term 1 Week 1)
Applications close Friday 25 March 2022 (Term 1 Week 9).

students public speaking

About the competition

The Multicultural Perspective Speaking Competition is open to NSW public primary and central school students. They will compete in either a Year 3 and 4 or a Year 5 and 6 age division delivering speeches on a multicultural theme. Over 2,000 students compete annually in the competition from across the state.

For general competition information, last year's results, downloadable tips for getting started and entry, please visit Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition FAQs.

2018 Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking Competition

Duration: 2:29


Justine Clarke
Speaking Competitions Officer
The Arts Unit

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