Primary Contemporary Indigenous Dance Workshops

2015 Primary Aboriginal Dance Workshops

The Primary Contemporary Indigenous Dance Workshops aim to develop younger student's skills in contemporary Aboriginal Dance. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and their teachers from NSW Public Primary Schools are invited to participate in these one day workshops run by the Department of Education – The Arts Unit.

These workshops are for Indigenous students and are best suited for Stage 2 and Stage 3 students.

Applications for the workshop must be completed by a teacher from the school. Students will need to be accompanied to the workshop by a supervising teacher and schools may apply for any of the workshops.

These workshops are a great opportunity for younger students looking to get involved in the Secondary Aboriginal Dance Workshops when they reach high school to develop their skills ahead of time.

Workshops will be run by a team of professional Aboriginal dance and choreography tutors.  

Please click here to apply for a workshop near you

For information about the program, please contact Arts Initiatives & Events on (02) 8512 1190 or Email