Dance Festival Nomination Guidelines

Nomination Guidelines

Schools interested in nominating for the NSW Public Schools State Dance Festival are encouraged to follow the nomination guidelines below. These guidelines will be used by the selection panel to select works for the Festival.

Schools nominating for the State Dance Festival must participate in their schools Area Dance Festival. Festival Coordinators will supply video footage for the State Dance Festival to the selection panel.

Before submitting your NOMINATION item...
• Ideally, ensembles should involve between 6 and 30 students. It is rare for smaller or larger ensembles to be selected because of space considerations. Items must be suitable for performance on a stage of 10m by 12m.
• Item choreographers should be teachers or students on staff at the school submitting the item.
• Primary items must not exceed 5 minutes; secondary items must not exceed 7 minutes.
• Music and lyrics must be relevant to the age of the performers and be suitable for public performance in an education setting.
• Copyright information regarding the source of music must be provided via CD/iTunes for our records.
• Schools should nominate their strongest item/s for representation at state level.

• Presents choreography that caters to the age/stage of development of all students in the ensemble.
• Employs safe dance practice.
• Demonstrates a creative response to dance as an art form.

Selection Panel:
The selection panel looks at submitted works in a number of ways:-
1.   The piece needs to reflect dance composition syllabus material for the particular stage taught.
2.   The panel looks for a strong creative development of an idea that has a clear intent expressed in the movement.
3.   The work should be appropriate in technique and concept for the age group of the dancers.
4.   Dances that are selected for the Festival show students presenting work that is technically competent for their age and that the teacher has employed safe dance practice.
5.   Movement sequences presented should link together in a sequence that maintains and develops the intent of the dance.
6.   The choreographer should show and understand the choreographic principals, processes and structures because they are vehicles for forming dance. Each part of the dance should be essential and connects together with other parts to form a whole.
7.   The panel is advised to choose work that has a quality that will engage audiences.
8.   The piece should take the viewer on a journey so there is a clear beginning, middle and end.
9.   Each part of the dance should be essential and connects together with other parts to form a whole.
10. The costuming of the dancers visually supports the intent of the piece and helps to clearly articulate the work.
11. The costuming reflects the dignity of the performer and is age appropriate.
12. Props used are to be seen as an integral part of the work and contribute to the visual story. Props can be manipulated by the dancers and/or used to dress the state.

Selection Process for Nominated Items:
The panel will assess items based on choreography, technical skill and performance quality. When selecting works for the Festival the panel looks for overall cohesiveness of the dance piece in relation to style, appropriateness to the age group of the performers and clear, demonstrated links to dance curriculum outcomes in the choreography presented. Works are selected from applications across NSW. The panel carefully considers all applications. Due to the large number of applications, the panel's selection is final.

Variation to Applications:
Some schools may find that the State Dance Festival application requirements do not suit their circumstances. Any variation to these requirements should be forwarded in writing BEFORE the closing date for applications.

Schools unable to be involved in their Area Dance Festival can submit their YouTube/Vimeo link of their item by creating an audition form after registering their school's interest via 2021 State Dance Festival. See the help guides at State Dance Festival

Further Information:
Further enquiries relating to the State Dance Festival should be directed to Suzie Rix or phone 0412 640 693.