2019 Premier's Spelling Bee

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Please enter your regional finalist names here: Deadline Friday 9 August 2019

Please use the same email and coordinator name used to enter your school.

Regional finals are held around N.S.W. 2 - 13 September. Schools will be notified of their host school and date early in term three.

The 2019 Premier's Spelling Bee participation certificate is now available to all school-based participants. - click for copies

The 2019 Premier's Spelling Bee projectable poster is available on this link.

Entries for the 2019 Premier’s Spelling Bee closed Friday 5 July 2019. The competition is free and open to all N.S.W. government primary and central schools.

Regional Final host schools and dates are listed here. 

School coordinators will receive email confirmations in Week 1 Term 3. Unless there is capacity in a nearby regional final it is very difficult to alter your assigned date and host. Please contact the support officer if you have intractable clashes.

2019 Premier's Spelling Bee word lists are available below

The wordlists will remain available all year. Please carefully check copyright permissions and contact me if you need help.

The word lists are password protected. Please check with your school coordinator for access.

2019 Junior simple word lists    2019 Junior annotated word lists

2019 Senior simple word lists    2019 Senior annotated word lists

The Bee2019 key dates:

Follow the links below for FAQs, procedural information and a variety of spelling bee resources.

The Bee2019 Resources: 

A Quick Guide to the Premier's Spelling Bee


PSB Procedures & Guidelines

Regional Final convener information

Spelling Bee resources: some classroom activities and information from Macquarie Dictionary on the levels.

The BeeTeacher-Identified Learning

Follow this link for a short film on how to set up a spelling bee

Last year we produced a short (19 minutes) documentary on setting up school or regional Spelling Bee competitions. We thank Kegworth Public School, the Principal, students and especially Leah Radburn, for their valuable assistance. If you are new to the Bee or keen to host a regional final but don't know what is involved, this film is useful practical information.

The BeeAbout the Bee

The Premier’s Spelling Bee was introduced in 2004 as a fun and educational way for primary school students to engage in spelling. The program includes activities to encourage all students to improve their vocabulary and spelling and to promote literacy skills in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus.  At the bottom of this page you will find a quick guide to the Premier's Spelling Bee. Under the "more" button you will find the 2018 Premier's Spelling Bee photos and information. As well, various guides and resources are available below and throughout the other links on the website.

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All Previous Winners of the Premier's Spelling Bee

2018 Premier's Spelling Bee archive and photos below.