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This program is an initiative that has evolved over many years and through many different styles of drumming, including West African Drumming. These active and engaging workshops aim to educate students in West African drumming techniques using djembe drums and dunduns. Led by our experienced tutor Yacou Mbaye, these workshops develop rhythm patterns and culminate in a performance work that can be taken back to school and shared with the school community.

Students and teachers attending this workshop can expect to learn about performing in an ensemble, keeping in  time and following a leader, different percussion instruments with a focus on the Djembe Drum, correct techniques for endurance and great sound, learning various rhythms that form a performance piece, and improvisation.

Workshop Dates and Venues:


Workshop Schedule:




Registration / set up


Names of drums / Basic techniques


Fundamentals: time keeping, coordination Djembe – Rhythms #1, #2 & #3; Bell rhythms; Call




Add dunduns; add more auxiliary percussion; How the performance is structured


Lunch Break


Practise to performance standard; incorporate improvisation




Session End


TutorPicture of Drumming Tutor
Yacou was born in Dakar, Senegal and coming from a family of musicians, it is no wonder that from a young age he exhibited a flair for music and dance. He recently relocated to Australia and performs in many diverse professional groups across the country. He specialises in the tama, dun duns and sabar. Yacou also has tutored African drumming and dance with community and school groups over many years. His energy for African music is contagious and inspiring.


More information
For further information please contact the Arts Initiatives team via phone (02) 8512 1170 or email ArtsInitiatives@det.nsw.edu.au.