Local Arts Opportunities

This section of the website highlights the local opportunities offered to networks of schools delivered by local teachers and Arts Coordination Officers.

These high quality arts performances, exhibitions, camps, workshops, programs and events are supported by Local Arts Councils and facilitated by Arts Coordination Officers in each of the four NSW Education Service Teams.

Opportunities are provided in:


Students doing a dance dressed up as dr SeussThe Dance programs aim to develop dance performance, technique and choreography skills for students and teachers. The programs strive to meet dance curriculum needs beyond local school resources.


Students acting with facial expressions of fear

The Drama programs aim to develop drama technique and performance skills for students and teachers. The programs strive to meet drama curriculum needs beyond local school resources.

Digital Media

Activities are offered for student and teachers to develop their Digital Media skills.

student using a computer to creat a digital work



The Music program offers a suite of activities for NSW public schools students and teachers.

Students playing instruments at a music camp


Showcase Events

The Educational Service Teams manage a variety of Showcase Events for NSW public schools students and teachers.

photo of a large group of students performing


Visual Arts

Opportunities for students and teachers to extend the high standards of Visual Arts education in NSW public schools through exhibitions, workshops and teacher professional learning. 

students creating artworks at a workshop

Further information regarding local opportunities:

Arts Grants


Statewide model of support for schools