Boys Hip Hop Workshops

Program information

These workshops are designed for male students with an interest in or passion for hip hop dance. The workshops are open to all boys from Years 5 to 12 who attend a NSW public school.
The workshops aim to foster the development of dance skills for both experienced and inexperienced dancers. This highly motivational program also aims to extend boys skills and encourage their involvement in dance. For more information about the program, watch the video below!

Boys Hip Hop Dance workshops promo

2021 program information

Program information for the 2021 Boys Hip Hop Workshops is yet to be released. Register here if you would like to be notified when information becomes available for this program.

Boys Hip Hop Dance Workshop

Further information

If you would like further information about this program please contact the Arts Initiatives team via email or phone (02) 8512 1190. You can also register to receive email updates about this program as they become available.