2019 B-Boys Hip Hop Workshops

Applications for the 2019 B-Boys Hip Hop Workshops have now CLOSED.

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This workshop is designed for male students with an interest in or passion for the Hip-Hop/B-Boy dance style. The workshops are open to all boys from Year 5 to Year 12 who attends a NSW Public School.

This workshop aims to foster the development of dance skills for both experienced and inexperienced dancer. This highly motivational program also aims to extend boys skills and encourage their involvement in dance.

The B-Boys Hip Hop Dance workshop will be held in Week 6 of Term 1 and costs $33.00 per students (Incl GST). The workshop commences at 9 am, finishing at 2.30 pm.


2019 NSW Public Schools Urban Dance Crew

This workshop is also a great opportunity for any students in years 5 – 12 to be considered for the 2019 Urban Dance Crew. Students interested in being part of the 2019 Urban Dance Crew but not able to attend a workshop will also have the opportunity to attend a live audition in May/June TBC to be considered for this ensemble.

Workshop Dates and Venues:



Click the link below to apply for a workshop near you:

2019 NSW Public Schools B-Boy Hip Hop Workshop - Online Application Link

B-Boy Hip Hop Workshop Schedule:

Please note: This is a guide only. There may be some variations to the break times and schedule in order to accommodate for schools bell times and routines.


Schools arrive and sign on


Warm Up






Workshop Continues


Lunch Break


Workshop continues


Cool Down


Workshop Ends

For further information about this program please contact Catherine Gilholme, Arts Initiatives and Events Officer on (02) 8512 1190 or email: catherine.gilholme@det.nsw.edu.au