The Arts Unit Drama programs aim to foster the development of students and provide performance opportunities that showcase excellence in drama as an art form.

Drama Ensembles

Drama Ensembles

The Drama Ensembles program offers opportunities for public school students from Years 5-12 including playing a major role in high profile events across NSW such as featuring in the State Drama Festival and Schools Spectacular.


State Drama Festival     

State Drama Festival

The 2018 NSW Public Schools State Drama Festival will be held on the 25th & 26th October at the Seymour Centre.  This event is a two day celebration of  drama works showcasing over 600 students in a range of dramatic styles.
Information about Area Drama Festivals

State Drama Camp

State Drama Camp

State Drama Camp is an opportunity for Year 11 drama students, who are currently studying drama at school, to extend their skills through a series of intensive workshops over 5 days.


Drama Workshops

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A range of drama workshops led by drama tutors and industry specialists for  students in Years 3-12.             


Teacher Professional Development

Drama Staff

There are a number of mentoring and accredited professional learning opportunities for Public Primary and Secondary Teachers in NSW. 

YermaDrama Company

In June 2018 the NSW Public Schools Drama Company staged a successful season of Yerma by Spanish dramatist Frederico Garcia Lorca at NIDA.





OnSTAGE is a presentation and exhibition of Group and Individual performances and projects by HSC Drama students.
OnSTAGE Performances
OnSTAGE Workshops        

Puppetry for Drama Teachers

Drama Tutors

There are a number of opportunities for interested Public School Teachers in NSW.

Drama Tutor Staff - Ensembles
State Drama Camp Teachers
State Drama Festival Production Team