Inclusive Dance Workshop for Teachers

Program information

The Inclusive Dance Workshop for Teachers is a two day professional learning course aimed at developing skills in teaching dance and engaging students with disability. The program is suitable for teachers who teach students with disability, and is open to teachers from both Government and non-Government schools.

Inclusive Dance Teachers Workshop

Program overview
Sessions are facilitated by industry professionals and Department of Education teachers with specialised skills. Sessions will focus on:

  • Engaging students through movement, music and drama.
  • Creating choreography for students.
  • Using non-verbal communication, focusing on empowering and teaching students through performance, movement and gesture.
  • Playbuilding and characterisation.

2021 program information
Stay tuned for new and exciting opportunities in 2021! Register here if you would like to be notified when information becomes available for this program.

D'Arts Dance Student Workshops
Visit the D'Arts Dance Student Workshops page to learn more about the student program. The teacher workshop complements the student workshop; you may elect to attend the teacher workshop, the student workshop or both.

Further information
For more information contact the Arts Initiatives team via email or phone (02) 8512 1190. You can also register your interest in this program and will receive updates via email when new information becomes available.