The Arts Unit Dance programs aim to develop dance performance, technique and choreography skills for students and teachers. The programs strive to meet dance curriculum needs beyond local school resources.


Dance Ensembles

The Dance Ensembles program is open to all students from Years 4-12. It provides an extension from school based ensembles and an opportunity for students to perform with students of similar ability.

Dance Festival

State Dance Festival

The annual State Dance Festival showcases outstanding student dance of more than 1,500 students from Kindergarten to Year 12 in a professional venue. Over six performances, audiences are introduced to the range of different dance styles taught in public schools. Each performance displays the passion, skills and creativity of students and teachers as they explore the art of dance. Alongside these performances, many of the participating school groups attend workshops delivered by talented dance professionals.

Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops

The Contemporary Dance Workshops are led by professional dance specialists and provide Years K-12 students with the opportunity to extend their dancing skills. The Aboriginal Dance Workshops, Boys Urban Dance Workshops and Disability Dance Workshops are specifically designed for students interested in exploring these dance styles for the first time.

CallbackHSC - Callback

Callback provides a showcase that features the very best Dance students from the NSW Higher School Certificate.

Teacher Professional Learning

Teachers are offered professional learning in dance that is accredited and led by leaders in dance education.

Dance Tutor StaffDance Tutor

Online Applications for Dance Tutors are now OPEN for the 2018 NSW Public Schools Dance program.  Please click on the link for more information on what is required and the selection criteria.