Picturing a paragraph – the craft of Complicité

Year 12 drama
Creative Class Drama

Support in undertaking experiential paragraph writing for HSC students

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Eric Mallett (from Complicité) is leading a drama workshop.

Learning intentions

  • watch the three workshop clips and record notes
  • critically analyse how these movement-based and highly visual practices/approaches can be used to devise a performance
  • imagine yourself exploring one or more of these workshop activities
  • synthesise and organise your knowledge and imagined experience into an experiential paragraph.


NSW Stage 6 Drama Syllabus
  • H3.1: critically applies understanding of the cultural, historical and political contexts that have influenced specific drama and theatre practitioners, styles and movements
  • H3.2: analyses, synthesises and organises knowledge, information and opinion in coherent, informed oral and written responses
  • H3.3: demonstrates understanding of the actor-audience relationship in various dramatic and theatrical styles and movements