Moving safely

Years 11 and 12 dance
Authored by Julia Skinner
Creative Class Dance

A focus on the application and understanding of safe dance practice used in dance performance.

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A dancer wearing a white dress, in a deep lunge and her body and arms reaching over and back to her back leg.

Learning intentions

  • identify and describe body skills
  • explain the function of safe dance practice
  • analyse the muscular and skeletal system
  • evaluate your own body's limitations and capabilities


NSW Dance Stage 6 Syllabus


  • P1.2 - understands the use of dance terminology relevant to the study of dance as an artform
  • P2.1 - identifies the physiology of the human body as it is relevant to the dancer
  • P2.3 - recognises the importance of the application of safe dance practice


  • H.1 - understands dance from artistic, aesthetic and cultural perspectives through movement and in written and oral form
  • H2.2 - performs dance skills with confidence, commitment, focus, consistency, performance quality and with due consideration of safe dance practices