Lights up!

Years 9 to 12 drama and Years 11 and 12 VET entertainment
Creative Class Drama VET
Tags: Drama – Technical

Stage lighting design basics with Lincoln Gidney

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A scene from the 2018 NSW Public Schools Drama Company productionYerma, which two characters holding up lanterns.

Learning intentions

  • learn the fundamentals of lighting design
  • explore how to apply the fundamentals of lighting design to convey meaning
  • apply knowledge and understanding to design your own lighting.


Drama 7-10 Syllabus
  • 5.2.2: selects and uses performance spaces, theatre conventions and production elements appropriate to purpose and audience.
  • 5.2.3: employs a variety of dramatic forms, performance styles, dramatic techniques, theatrical conventions and technologies to create dramatic meaning.
Stage 6 Drama Syllabus
  • P1.4: understands, manages and manipulates theatrical elements and elements of production, using them perceptively and creatively.
  • P2.2: understands the contributions to a production of the playwright, director, dramaturg, designers, front-of-house staff, technical staff and producers.
  • H1.7: demonstrates skills in using the elements of production.
VET Entertainment Industry Syllabus


  • The student describes the relationship between lighting and other technical and creative aspects of live performances and events.