Lighting fundamentals

Years 11 and 12 VET entertainment
Creative Class VET

Develop knowledge and skills in the basic technical elements of lighting.

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A scene from the NSW Public Schools Drama Company production Animal Farm, with a silhouette of a person lying down with his arm reaching up

Learning intentions

  • explore elements of electricity and safety when working with lighting
  • identify the basic principles of a lighting system and equipment
  • experience stage lighting procedures, processes and documentation
  • discover colour mixing and basic lighting design
  • apply knowledge and understanding of production lighting elements
  • complete a lighting design and operate the lighting for a production.


Entertainment Industry Curriculum Framework - Stage 6 Syllabus

The student:

  • demonstrates knowledge of lighting equipment and accessories used in the entertainment industry
  • demonstrates an understanding of techniques used to plot and operate lighting cues
  • interprets documentation and applies this information to set up and operate lighting equipment to meet production requirements
  • describes the relationship between lighting and other technical and creative aspects of live performances and events
  • applies the troubleshooting process to solve common faults and problems in lighting equipment and operations.