Green Fingernails

Kindergarten to Year 4 dance
Creative Class Dance
Tags: Disability

Dance to develop locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills

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Learning intentions

Your students will:

  • learn movement sequences to create a dance  
  • develop locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills and expressive qualities 
  • explore the elements of dance to vary movement sequences 
  • perform dance sequences to music.

Students may need support with this lesson. Students can vary movements to suit as required.


Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus
  • DAES1.1: participates in dance activities and demonstrates an awareness of body parts, control over movement and expressive qualities. 
  • DAS1.1: performs dances demonstrating expressive qualities and control over a range of locomotor and non-locomotor movement. 
  • DAS2.1: performs dances from a range of contexts, demonstrating movement skills, expressive qualities and an understanding of the elements of dance.