Be a friend

Kindergarten to Year 2 dance, drama and visual arts
Creative Class Dance Drama Visual arts
Tags: Connections Program

Explore different elements of friendship through creative activities.

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Learning intentions

  • explore movements in dance
  • mime different everyday actions
  • respond with movement to stimuli, eg. rhythm, beat, music and words
  • sing along to a great song


Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus
  • MUES1.4: Listens to and responds to music.
  • DRAES1.1: Uses imagination and the elements of drama in imaginative play and dramatic situations.
  • DAES1.1: Participates in dance activities and demonstrates an awareness of body parts, control over movement and expressive qualities.
  • DAES1.3: Responds to and communicates about the dances they view and/or experience
PDHPE 7-10 Syllabus
  • PDe-3: Communicates ways to be caring, inclusive and respectful of others