A conversation with the dancers

Year 11 and 12 dance
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This resource looks at HSC students' perspectives on the interview and elaboration in the HSC dance practical exam. Past students discuss their process in the oral demonstration of knowledge and understanding in the Core Performance, Core Composition and the Major Study Performance components.

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Learning intentions

Your students will:

  • identify and describe body skills
  • evaluate their own bodies' limitations and capabilities
  • reflect on the effectiveness of their own use of the compositional process
  • analyse their own use of dance technique and performance quality to further enhance their interpretation.


Dance Stage 6 Syllabus

Preliminary – Performance

  • P2.1: identifies the physiology of the human body as it is relevant to the dance.
  • P2.2: identifies the body’s capabilities and limitations.
  • P2.3: recognise the importance of safe dance practice.

Preliminary – Composition

  • P3.1: identifies the elements of dance composition.
  • P3.2: understands the compositional process.
  • P3.3: understand the function of structure as it relates to dance composition.

HSC – Performance

  • H2.1: understands performance quality, interpretation and style relating to dance performance.

HSC – Composition

  • H3.1: identifies and selects the appropriate elements of composition/choreography in response to a specific concept/intent.
  • H3.2: demonstrates the use of the elements of composition/choreography in a personal style in response to a specific concept/intent.