"Boys Only" Senior Dance Workshop: Years 7-12

Please Note:
Activity for this program is temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future to support efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 and maintain the safety and well being of students and staff
Link to Department of Education latest information on COVID-19.

The "Boys Only" Senior Dance Workshops is a 2-day intensive workshop for male students in Years 7–12. These workshops are an excellent opportunity for students with talent and skills in dance to develop in this art form. Participation is open to male students in Years 7-12 attending government primary and central schools in NSW.

Wednesday 6 & Thursday 7 May 2020 (inclusive)

Netball Central - 1 Olympic Blvd, Olympic Park

How to Apply:
1. Complete an Endorsement Form due TBC.
2. Successful nominations will be emailed after this date.
3. Acceptance Packages and full payment due TBC.
Please Note: Numbers at workshops are limited and not all students can be offered a place.

Time & Cost:
Workshop 9.00am-3.00pm; $165.00 (incl GST)

Note to Teachers: Schools with multiple applications will be requested to rank their nominated students to indicate their priorities for acceptance. This is to be done on the Endorsement Form which is to be emailed to The Arts Unit by the school. Numbers at workshops are limited and not all students can be offered a place.

Further Information

Further enquiries relating to the "Boys Only" Years 7-12 Junior Dance Workshops should be directed to the Dance Team or phone 8512 1178.

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