Pinchgut Opera School's Program

In 2010, Pinchgut started a small but effective schools’ program that reached a number of high schools around metropolitan Sydney. Pinchgut’s aims are three-fold: to provide insight into the world of opera from the Pinchgut perspective; to engage students in the music and the creation of an opera; and to give them the experience of opera of the highest standard so perhaps they become life-long fans.

Pinchgut has partnered with The Arts Unit to offer a number of tickets to their performances this year L’Amant jaloux (The Jealous Lover) by André Grétry. These Pinchgut L'Amont Jaloux Prizes will be awarded for excellence in music, drama, and dance.

Pinchgut also presents talks to students of music, drama and literature and provides any further information or music that teachers may want to co-ordinate into their classrooms.

If you’re interested in the Pinchgut Opera Schools’ Program, please contact Cressida Griffith, General Manager of Pinchgut Opera to confirm your tickets ph: 9318 8344 or 

for more information go to