Multicultural Playwright Program 2019 - Sydney and Coffs Harbour

Applications for the 2019 Multicultural Playwright Programs are now CLOSED.

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This is the application for the NSW Public Schools Multicultural Playwright Program 2019 - 3 Day Workshop

How to Apply:

Step 1 - Download the Teachers Information Package linked to this page below

   Click here to download the Sydney Teachers Information Package

   Click here to download the Coffs Harbour Teachers Information Package

Step 2 - Complete the online application form below, completing all of the required fields.

Please Note: Your place in the workshop will not be confirmed until you have completed step 3 of the application process.

Step 3 - Complete and return the payment advice form and participation, communication and media consent deed forms to by the following dates:

           - Friday 5 April - both Sydney and Coffs Harbour workshop forms.

Please Note: All forms must have every signature present and be returned by the due date or you will run the risk of non-acceptance into your chosen workshop.

Step 4 - Student Medical Forms. Teachers need to have this form completed for each student attending the                         workshop. They are not required to be submitted but must be brought to the workshop by the supervising               teacher.

For any further enquiries please email: or contact Catherine Gilholme or Jesse Aviu on 8512 1190 or 8512 1170.

These workshops are open to students from yr 7-12.