2016 World's Biggest Classroom

2016 World’s Biggest Classroom - DREAM BIGWorld's Biggest Classroom

Submissions for this year’s World’s Biggest Classroom project have now closed.  We hope you’ve been enjoying the entries posted on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/worldsbiggestclassroom/).  Stay tuned for more news on selected entries.

The World’s Biggest Classroom is a key forum for promoting the many talents of students and staff at all our terrific public schools, in all areas of student endeavour.  

It is linked strongly to Schools Spectacular - the outstanding annual showcase of performing arts talent in NSW public schools.  

The 2016 Schools Spectacular theme for 2016 is 'DREAM BIG', and World's Biggest Classroom is echoing that theme in its student projects.

Even if your school is not involved in performing at the live Schools Spectacular event on 25 and 26 November, you can showcase your students' dreams through World's Biggest Classroom.

To keep with the 'DREAM BIG' theme, we would like students and schools to tell us:

  • What are their BIG DREAMS?
  • How do the students engage with their world and their community?
  • What are the students' visions for the future?

Last year, 3,500 students from over 200 public schools around the state submitted works for the exhibition.

We would like to see even more engagement this year, and invite all schools to have a look at our information sheet via our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/worldsbiggestclassroom/) and join the WBC group on Yammer.

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